• Momentus Golf PWRX 10 x 10 x 6 Power X

Momentus Golf PWRX 10 x 10 x 6 Power X

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Brand Momentus Golf
The POWER X by Momentus Golf is the simplest and fastest way to add yards to any of your clubs. Plug the POWER X into the back of any grip and experience more yards and improved accuracy. Before the POWER X counter-balance weighting for your golf clubs could only be done by professional club fitters. Momentus Golfs POWER X gives the same results as the more expensive (and permanent) results. The POWER X simply plugs into the back off any club quickly and easily no drilling no adhesive and no damaging your grips or shafts. The best part about the POWER X is the ability to attach and detach without permanently altering your clubs and the POWER X is also interchangeable between clubs. The POWER X conforms to the USGA rules of golf!
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