• Izzo Golf Sidewinder Replacement Golf Bag Strap #A70907

Izzo Golf Sidewinder Replacement Golf Bag Strap #A70907

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Brand Izzo Golf
Only the pioneer and creator of the original Dual Strap golf bag could come up with a single replacement strap that functions the same. Izzo Golf's innovative Sidewinder Strap features an ergonomic, pre-molded shape to automatically swing and balance your golf bag behind you. Eliminates the need and discomfort of having to reach back and secure a second (dual) strap. The Sidewinder combines single strap convenience & ease of use with dual strap weight-balancing and carrying comfort. For occasional or non-carriers who prefer a stand bags over cart bags, the Sidewinder eliminates the extra strap material that gathers over the front of your golf bag, creating a cluttered look and making access to your pockets cumbersome. For those trunk slammers, the Sidewinder makes it easier to get to the driving range and/or first tee in comfort.
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